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BCS 1878

BCS Grassroots Project ​

Michylo and his Grandparents

Grandpa Jacques
Grandma Verna​


Where and when did you go to school?
Grandpa- I went to Garden Prairie School. I started 1937.
Grandma- I went to Bjelde Creek School. I started 1940.


How did you get to school?
Grandpa- I walked to school around 3 to 4 miles, or sometimes rode a horse.
Grandma- I walked most of the time 2 miles up hill all the way.  In the winter time they took us by horse in a caboose with a wood stove.


What are your favorite memories as a child at school?
Grandpa- My favorite memories are learning to read and write in a multi-grade (grades 1-8), playing ball in sports day- you got 5 cents if you won an event, putting girls' hair in the ink well, and the Christmas concert.

Grandma- My favorite memories are going to school where you could play with children your own age.  I also enjoyed the music and singing at the music festival.


What are your least favorites memories as at school?
Grandpa- My least favorite memories are the school was cold, there was no insulation in the walls, the teacher used a strap a lot, and getting in trouble for sticking a gopher up the exhaust pipe of the Superintendent's car.
Grandma- My least favorite memories are having to use the outdoor toilet in the winter months, the wood stove didn't heat the room properly, being the only student in your grade, no good books until the travelling library, and having no money for sports equipment.


What do you think is the biggest difference between the school you went  to and the one I go to?
Both- The school is warm and well lighted now, facilities are larger and open, technologies such as computer, T.V/ V.C.R, overheads, and access to sports equipment and gym.


What advice would you give to kids my age about school?
Grandpa- Learn what the teacher wants you to learn and be obedient, and get scholarships.
Grandma- To stay in school, get a good education, and explore all the experiences that school has to offer.

Michylo and his grandparents at the BCS school yard.

Completed by: Jamie and Janelle​