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Parents and guardians are now able to self-register for the HomeLogic system, which will allow access to your child(ren)'s attendance and academic progress.  Please use the link on the top-right corner of this web page to access HomeLogic.  For instructions on how to self-register, please click on the following link:  Parent Instructions to HomeLogic Registration.  We encourage parents and guardians to log on to this portal regularly, to check on student learning progress, and to see attendance records.​

As a reminder, you will see two different types of assessments on HomeLogic:  formative assessments, which will be marked as either C (complete) or Inc (incomplete), and summative assessments that will be marked on the 1-4 rating scale.  Formative assessments are checkpoints on a student's path to learning a concept, and do not count towards report card marks.  The summative assessments are such items as final tests, projects or other activities that provide evidence that a student has learned a concept, which will then be reflected on the report card that comes home at the end of November, again in March and finally in June.


Please keep in mind that some learning outcomes, such as those in English Language Arts and Math, are complex, with many parts to them.  This makes assessing the complete outcome very difficult in Term 1, so marks might seem lower than you might expect, as not all parts have been covered, and a student cannot demonstrate full proficiency (a level 3) at this point.  These are on-going, year-long outcomes that will be re-assessed in Terms 2 and 3, and should then result in a proficient rating for the end of the year.


As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child's teacher at (306) 937-2112.​


Trouble with Logon to Home Logic

If you are experiencing difficulty logging onto Home Logic, please contact Mrs. Sittler or Mrs. Laing at 306-937-2112 and we will be pleased to assist you. ​


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